General Rules

  1. Students of all classes should attend prayer meeting in the morning. Students coming late may not be allowed to enter the class without the principal's permission.
  2. Parents or the servants are not allowed to enter any classroom. No servant is permitted on the school premises until the school gets over.
  3. Parents are requested not to send their kids to school if he/she is ill or on any medication.
  4. No child should be absent without a prior written leave application. In case of contagious illness, the child is not allowed to attend school without a fitness certificate from an authorized medical practitioner.
  5. No jewelry is to be worn (except a wrist-watch) and no make-up of any kind is to be used. Nails are to be kept trimmed.
  6. Every child is expected to contribute to the values and standards of the school by his/her conduct, discipline and commitment to studies.
  7. It is compulsory for students to participate in school functions, sports, cultural and literary activities. For at least one function per year, the child will have to get a dress or a costume made, as per requirements.
  8. No child is allowed to bring a mobile phone.
  9. Parent's cooperation is solicited in maintaining punctuality, regularity and discipline at all school function.
  10. If the syllabus, Id-card, report card, tie, belt, batch is lost a duplicate one will be issued only after depositing following fee-

  11. Report Card Rs 150
    Syllabus Rs 50
    Identity Card Rs 50
    Batch Rs 30
    Tie Rs 50
    Belt Rs 50

  12. A student who absent for 10 days without any message or application, a re-admission fee will be charged Rs. 200/-


Note:- In case the school rickshaw or Van does not reach on time due to mechanical breakdown or illness of driver, guardian are requested to make their own alternative arrangement.

Parental Co-Operation

  1. Parents are required to look into their children's school diary every day and see that the lessons and homework assigned are duly completed.
  2. Remarks made in the school diary should be acknowledge and countersigned regularly by parents.
  3. If you feel that your child is not making the desired progress, please make it a point to discuss it with the principal, the class teacher and the subject teacher.
  4. Criticism of a teacher or the school, in the presence of the student should be avoided. This may cause the student to lose respect for his teacher and the school.
  5. Parents are not allowed to meet their children or their teacher during school hours without prior permission of the principal.
  6. Parents are expected to participate regularly in school functions especially when they are invited.
  7. Parents are requested to inform the school of any change of address.
  8. Visitors are not allowed to meet the teachers in their respective classrooms.
  9. Parents are required to send their children to school on time.
  10. Presence of every child in the assembly is compulsory.
  11. The child who fails to reach the school on time and does not attend the assembly may be sent back home.
  12. Parents should not take the child out of Deoria during school days without the prior permission of the principal.
    1. No sick child may be sent to school with medicines to be taken during school with medicines to be taken during school hours except in case of emergency medicine like inhalers for asthma.
    2. Children will not be allowed to go home from school in between school hours for any unforeseen cirfumstance.
    3. Please ensure and encourage that your child takes part in all the activities of the school.

Change Of Rules

    Rules and regulations mentioned herein may be changed as per the decisions of the school management. The changes will be informed by the teacher through the school diaries.

Parent-Teacher Meetings

    Every campus periodically organises parent-teacher meeting, where talks are arranged on child education and child welfare. Attendance of all the parents at such meetings is compulsory.


Progress Report

    Parents are requested to collect progress reports of their wards regularly on the dates announced by the school after every examination. The report cards must be returned to the school within 3 days, failing which a duplicate card will be issued against payment of Rs.150/-.

System of Continuous Assesments

    Personality development today is an integral part of education. Both personality development and progress ih academic performance from the basis of evaluation for the overall assessment. Teachers observe their students personality traits throughout the year and award points accordingly. The students showing outstanding personality traits and good performance in studies are awarded merit certificates. Children at the primary level must acquire distinction in English, Hindi, and Mathematics and must be well aware of Computers. These subjects have been considered as core subjects and are evaluated twice a month. This gives the teachers and parents a regular feedback of the children's performance in the core subjects and gives children an opportunity to improve their performance gradually. The other subjects as EVS, art and Moral Education are taught in correlation to the core subjects and are evaluated through project work.

Junior Section

    In the junior section, subject like General Knowledge, Moral education Physical education, Environment Science and personality development etc. are graded. This grading gives teachers an opportunity to assess children's development regularly instead of just twice a year and that too on the basis of marks obtained in tests. Teacher observe the students' behavior throughout the year and then grade them. This has led to reduction in the number of core subjects. This helps students to concentrate more on the core subjects for which they are marked.
    This step has reduced the stress of examination and has also reduced the number of examination days.

Award of Merit Scholarships

    Kant's Valley Junior Secondary School awards Merit Scholarship in cash to the first five positions holders in each section of every class on the basis of all the main examinations & test. The Mother of position holder also honoured with various encouraging titles and certificates of honour.

School Uniform

    Summer Uniform For Boys

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:-

    Check shirt, Blue paint, Tie, Belt, Black shoes, White socks, Batch & Id card.

    Thursday & Saturday:-

    Orange T-shirt, Black pant, Socks, Shoe, Batch & Id-card.

    Winter Uniform For Boys

    Maroon sweater, Maroon cap, Blue blazer, Blue full paint.

    Summer Uniform For Girls

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday:-

    Check shirt, Blue skirt, Tie, Belt, Black shoe, White socks, Batch and ID card

    Thursday & Saturday:-

    Orange T-shirt, Black skirt, Socks, Shoe, Batch & Id-card.

    Winter Uniform For Girls

    Maroon sweater, Maroon muffler, Blue blazer, White leggie